2023-2024 BIIF Player of the Year Awards and All-Star Teams

3 Rush Big Island Players Named BIIF Player of the Year

Congratulations to Lana Mahi-Murray, Lucas Kay-Wong, and Rhacelyn Respecio for clinching the Player of the Year titles in their respective BIIF divisions! All three athletes were honored recently in the Hawaii Tribune Herald newspaper, and here are the features for each player.

Lana Mahi-Murray, BIIF Division 1 Girls Soccer Player of the Year

The Hawaii Tribune Herald on Lana Mahi-Murray:

The Warriors’ senior striker Kau‘ionalani Mahi-Murray won DI Player of the Year. On the season, she scored 23 goals and notched four matches with three-or-more goals across the season. Mahi-Murray’s phenomenal play helped Waiakea finish second in BIIF DI.

“I think her selection is a cumulative thing,” Waiakea head coach Steve Petner. “She was really good last year and she kept her standard up this year. I think with her, all of the coaches know her and she’s been a proven player over the last two years. Plus, she’s an 80-minute player — she doesn’t come off of the field. She’s a captain, so she has responsibilities to the team that I feel like she handled excellently.”

Lucas Kay-Wong, BIIF Division 2 Boys Soccer Player of the Year

The Hawaii Tribune Herald on Lucas Kay-Wong:

Over in Division II, state runner-up Kamehameha Schools-Hawai‘i had a whopping seven players named to the list — senior Lucas Kay-Wong, sophomore Gabe Arquitola, sophomore Micah Chung, junior William Henderson, senior Connor Gonzalez, sophomore Thurston Laa and junior Jacob Aiona.

Kay-Wong, a midfielder and forward, was named DII Player of the Year. Wong scored 15 goals across the season, helping lead the Warriors to a 13-1-0 overall record and 9-0-0 in the BIIF — with their only loss being in the state championship match against Kauai’s Island School 1-0 in overtime.

Rhacelyn Respicio, BIIF Division 2 Girls Soccer Player of the Year

The Hawaii Tribune Herald on Rhacelyn Respecio:

In Division II, KS-Hawai‘i added another seven players to the list — sophomore Rhacelyn Respicio, sophomore Alyssa Hudman, senior Teija Moses, sophomore Madisyn Meyers, senior Rebekah Sipinga and sophomore Lahela Cootey.

Respicio finished with seven goals as the team’s top striker, earning the DII Player of the Year nod. Respicio helped lead the team to the state championship match against PAC-5 on Feb. 3, when the Warriors fell in penalty kicks.

“She created a lot of dangerous opportunities throughout the season,” KSH head coach Steven Cootey said of Respicio. “She put a lot of pressure on every opponent’s defense, just worked really hard. Just relentless.

“She’s fairly quiet, pretty reserved — just a happy girl, but an absolute competitor. She’s just one of those quiet players who will always compete and work hard, but won’t say very much at all.”


🔵 Kau‘ionalani Mahi-Murray – Waiakea
Kryslynn Nabarro – Hilo
Maiya Kepoo-Deconte – Hilo
Ailani Franklin – Waiakea
🔵 Charlie Silva – Waiakea
Kira Kuramoto – Waiakea
Naliipoaimoku Harman – Hilo
Leilillian Soloman Ho’opai – Hilo
Linsey Hiraki – Hilo
Sadee Tamanaha – Waiakea
Shaunte Fernandez – Waiakea
Journey Morimoto – Waiakea


Aukele Paikuli-Campbell – Kealakehe
🔵 Aziah Nelson – Waiakea
🔵 Brennan Barrientos – Hilo
🔵 Channing Oda – Hilo
Ezekiel Imai – Kealakehe
Kani Tolentino Perry – Hilo
Rayden Handy – Kea‘au
Brayden Heldt – Kealakehe
Duke Kapuniai – Kealakehe
Justin AhSing – Waiakea
🔵 Kaden Aguilar – Waiakea
🔵 Nahiku Anderson – Hilo
Jason Bois – Kealakehe
Luke Laa – Kea‘au


Dani Rojas-Castelblanco – HPA
🔵 Mia Chow – KSH
🔵 Rhacelyn Respicio – KSH
🔵 Alyssa Hudman – KSH
Madie Buczyna – HPA
Nohea Lansdale – HPA
Teija Moses – KSH
Alise Nakano – Honoka‘a
🔵 Madisyn Meyers – KSH
Rebekah Sipinga – KSH
Tae Detwiler – HPA
🔵 Lahela Cootey – KSH


Dani Habiak – HPA
🔵 Gabe Arquitola – KSH
Zachary Juan – Honoka‘a
Kauila Kapuniai – HPA
🔵 Lucas Kay-Wong – KSH
Micah Chung – KSH
🔵 William Henderson – KSH
Alika Puckett – HPA
🔵 Connor Gonzalez – KSH
Thurston Laa – KSH
Zach Montgomery – HPA
🔵 Jacob Aiona – KSH

Congratulations to all of our Hawaii Rush Big Island players on being named to the All-BIIF teams!

🔵-Rush Big Island Player

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