Our Philosophy

When it comes to soccer training and development, most parents don’t know where to start or what is best for their player. Hawaii Rush Soccer Club has a proven system for building top-level athletes and players that make a real impact both on and off the field.

At Hawaii Rush Soccer Club we know that you want to provide the best opportunity for your player to learn and grow to reach his or her maximum potential. In order to do that you need a club with a proven developmental system. The problem is that you may not have the knowledge, experience, or information you need to make an educated decision about your player’s future, which makes you feel insecure and anxious. We believe your player should get the best training available and every player should improve no matter what their ability.

We understand how difficult it is to make the right decision for your player’s future, which is why we have helped thousands of players maximize their full potential, including 4 U.S. National Team players in the past 4 years alone!

Here’s how we do it:

1. Schedule Your Player Assessment. Bring your player to our training sessions so he or she can play with the other players and our professional coaching staff can evaluate their current abilities. Based on this evaluation we can place your player in the proper environment to start them on the right path. Our large player pools give your player the advantage of being mixed with players of different abilities so that they will realize success as well as be challenged to push themselves to the next level.

2. A Proven Developmental System. Your player will maximize their full potential in a proven system based on methods from the top international academies in the world, and over 28 years of coaching and technical training experience at all levels of competition.

3. Fully Prepared For The Next Level. As a student of our proven developmental system your player will be fully prepared to take on their next challenge in life. Whether it’s professional soccer, college, or business, your player will possess the skills, values, and mindset to be an impact player in the next phase of his or her career.

So, stop stressing out about where to send your player to get the tools he or she needs to maximize their full potential, and schedule your Player Assessment today so you can relax and be confident about your player’s future!

Rush Core Values:

  • Accountability:  Be accountable for your actions and hold others accountable for their actions.  Who am I ultimately accountable to, and who judges my work?
  • Advice:  Seek out advice and aspire to be the best.  In order to learn, we must be open to learning and consider the advice of others.  Are you coachable?
  • Empathy:  Empathy is at the core of solid relationships.
  • Enjoyment:  Enjoy your work, this is a gift.  The desires of diligent workers are satisfied.
  • Humility: Apologize when you make a mistake.  Forgive others and do not look back.
  • Leadership: Leaders strive to be trustworthy, honest and sincere. They possess traits such as integrity and honor.  They are willing to serve others and sacrifice their own interests.  Leaders are constructive and hardworking.  
  • Passion:  Passion always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres.  Passion never fails.  
  • Respect:  Respect everyone.  Respect the opponent, the rules, your colleagues, your superiors and subordinates.  Be thoughtful and considerate.    
  • Safety: Our environment is safe.  This includes the office, our travels, the fields and our bodies.  Safety is not only physical safety from harm, but safety from ridicule and attack.  We are comforted and encouraged in the club.  We portray self-control and kindness to our staff, our colleagues and players.
  • Tenacity:  To be successful, persevere….persevere but do not be anxious. Fear no one.  Be strong and courageous.  Work when no one is looking, even when the circumstances are not right and everyone else quits.  Diligence never loses because it never quits.  Out work your opponent, and most importantly, work smart.  Don’t wait for external inspiration.  The people who go far do so because they motivate themselves and give life their best, regardless of how they feel.  
  • Unity:  Together all things are possible.  When your teammates are down, bear each other’s burdens; conversely, celebrate your teammate’s successes.
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