Rush CAP (College Advisory Program)

Hawaii Rush College Advisory Program

Welcome to Hawaiʻi Rush Big Island CAP!

CAP (College Advisory Program) is a comprehensive plan starting in 8th grade for our Hawaii Rush Big Island families to understand the recruitment process.

We hope this program (which is included with your RUSH player membership) will be the start of a successful search/path for our players to find a college that FITS, whether you aspire to play college soccer or just want to find colleges that may fit your interest/situation. We hope CAP, for those of you that use it, will be a program that gives our Hawaii Rush Big Island student-athletes a plan to follow, to be able to pick their college and not be waiting for a college or a coach to pick them.

CAP is set up to serve the college-bound player in a number of different areas. Starting with the freshmen year of high school and continuing through their senior year, this program provides guidance in areas such as:

  1. College Preparation
  2. Admissions Counseling
  3. College Research Assistance
  4. Information on both academic and athletic endeavors
  5. NCAA / NAIA / NJCAA College Athletics
  6. Recruiting
  7. College Contact Preparation
  8. ACT / SAT Guide
  9. Personal 1 vs.1 mentoring / support from the coaching staff
  10. Q & A for student-athletes and parents
  11. College test prep assistance
  12. Guest college seminars and training sessions
  13. Individual electronic tracking of all student-athletes progress

Please download (maybe printout also) the Information/Fact Sheet in the link below to your computer or phone, PLEASE READ OVER PARTS #1 and #2 first. Also, please look at the links to other important information within each part, regarding the NCAA rules and some resources to possible financial aid, to help you understand the college recruiting process. Then, in PART #3, you will begin to build your Student-Athlete PLAYER PROFILE on the College Fit Finder website. We wish everyone the best and hope CAP will be a help. 

Step 1:

Start here to get the full details on how we can help guide you in finding the right college fit.

Step 2:

The website is the national Rush Soccer’s source for CAP.  Watch the video from Josh Tyler, the National Rush College Advisory Program (CAP) Director and his overview of CAP on the homepage.

Step 3:

Build your college profile with!

There is NO OTHER club in the United States that can connect the dots like Rush can. Inquire about CAP today!

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